Anil Seth

Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur., phone (office:) 0512-2597231


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, 1994, TIFR
    (Thesis: Complexity theory of higher type functionals)
  • Faculty: Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 1994-2001
  • Faculty: I.I.T. Kanpur, since 2001


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  • [15] Anil Seth, ''Global Reachability in Bounded Phase Multi-Stack Pushdown Systems'', To appear in proc. 22nd International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV 2010), Edinburgh, UK, July 15-19, 2010.

Technical Reports

  • [1] Anil Seth, ''Type 2 Feasible Functionals in Bounded Arithmetic'', Technical Report, T.I.F.R., 1993
  • [2] Anil Seth, ''Implicit Definability vs. Weak Implicit Definability in Finite Model Theory'', manuscript, 1996
  • [3] Anil Seth, ''An Introduction to Finite Model Theory'', in the notes for School on finite model theory, held on Dec. 15-16, 1998 in Chennai.

Books Edited

  • LNCS 2556 (Jointly with Manindra Agrawal)
  • LNAI 6521 (Jointly with Mohua Banerjee)
  • LIPIcs 24 (Jointly with Nisheeth K. Vishnoi)

Invited Talk

  • A one hour invited talk on feasible functionals at the workshop ''Implicit Computational Complexity'' on July 1, 1999 in Trento, Italy.

Conferences PC

  • PC Co-Chair FSTTCS 2002
  • PC Member FSTTCS 2006
  • PC Member FSTTCS 2010
  • PC Co-Chair ICLA 2011
  • PC Member FSTTCS 2011
  • PC Member FSTTCS 2012
  • PC Co-Chair FSTTCS 2013
  • PC Member FoSSACS 2014
  • PC Member TAMC 2015
  • PC Member TAMC 2017
  • PC Member TAMC 2020
  • PC Member TAMC 2022

Schools & Meetings Organized

  • School on Finite Model Theory organized jointly with Anuj Dawar at IMSc. Chennai, India on December 15-16, 1998. The school was a satellite event to conference FST& TCS 1998.
  • Update meeting on formal methods, IIT Kanpur, April 2007
  • Second Indian winter school on Logic (with M. Banerjee), January 2008.
  • Seventh Indian Conference in Logic and Applications, IIT Kanpur, (with Sunil Simon), January 2017.


  • Recently (2019 onwards) taught
    • Algorithms II (CS345) [To non-CSE students]
    • Data Structures and Algorithms (ESO 207)
    • Mathematics of Computer Science-II [Mathematical Logic] (CS202)
    • Mathematics of Computer Science-I [Discrete Mathematics] (CS201)
  • Less Recently taught
    • Theory of Computation (CS340)
    • Finite Automata on Infinite Inputs (CS644)
    • Programs and Proofs (CS698)
    • Principles of Programming Languages (CS350)
    • Game Theory (CS684)
    • Logic in Computer Science
    • Fundamentals of Computing [JAVA] ESc101