Saurabh Joshi


Research Scholar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Gujarati TypePad

This typepad here is better than Vishal's Typepad or the modified typepad I used to host here. This typepad uses Google's Transliteration API and you can use this typepad to write in many Indian languages. Click here to go to Google transliteration page.

To write in gujarati, just write phonetically equivalent english in the typepad. E.g. kem chho? majama chho? If you think that typepad has made a mistake in the rendition of a particular word, go to the end of that word and press BACKSPACE. It will show you a list of options for the rendering of the word. In this typepad, the language set is Gujarati. To write in other languages you can go to Google Transliteration page. Windows users can even download an application by Google from here to enable them to type in their favourite indic scripts.

Type in Gujarati (Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Gujarati)

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