CS350 :: I Sem 2019-20

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

The main textbook for the course is:

  1. Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming by Peter van Roy and Seif Haridi, MIT Press, 2004.

We will follow the first 5 chapters of the textbook. Following this, we will study one or two programming languages that illustrate the concepts. Past courses have covered Erlang, Smalltalk, Ruby and OCaml. Perhaps, we could cover a dependently typed language like Idris, a language which is currently under development.

The TAs for the course are Subin Pulari and Prateek Vishnoi.

Meeting Hours: In case you need to discuss something about the course, homeworks, or projects you want to independently work on, you can meet me in my office if I am there, or fix an appointment by first mailing me.

2 Grading Policy

The overall grading weightage breakup is given as follows.

Type Weightage
Homeworks (4 or 5) 20%
Quizzes (2) 30%
Midsem 20%
Endsem 30%

Some homeworks may require working in groups of 2.

3 Lecture Outlines

4 Homeworks

Homework 1 Due: August 25 11:59 PM IST. [Dict.oz] [ProcessRecords.oz] [Unify.oz]

Homework 2 Due: September 26 (Part I), October 6 (Part II).

Homework 3 Due: October 30.

Homework 4 Due: November 15.

5 References

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