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  I start every day remembering you...

  Without you I wouldn't have been 'Ratijit'...

  Thank you for everything...!!!
  Late Arati (Das) Mitra (1960-2018)

  Relation : Mother
  Ranjit Kumar Mitra

  Relation : Father
  Anindita Mitra

  Relation : Sister
  Satarupa Das

  Relation : Wife
  Sudhangshu Sir
  Assistant Teacher, Margaret S.N. English School

  Relation : Brother-in-law
  Swami Muktikamananda Maharaj
  Secretary, Margaret S. N. English School

  Relation : Then Hostel Incharge
  Sankar Sir
  Former Assistant Teacher, Jadavpur High School

  Relation : English Tuition Sir
  Soumen Sir
  Assistant Professor, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

  Relation : Then course instructor of DAA
                  @ IIIT Bhubaneswar
  Debabrata Sir
  Professor, IIIT Bangalore

  Relation : Then Co-Principal Investigator of
                  COPAS project @ NCL, IIIT Bangalore
  Surender Sir
  Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur

  Relation : Then course instructor of RA
  Who will make the next impact?

  Relation : ??
Attack your goals like your life depends on it.                      When no one thinks you can, that's when you have to.                      It's not over until I win.                      Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt.