CS774: Optimization Techniques

Course Details: CS774 (3-0-0-0-9 credits): Optimization Techniques

Instructor: Purushottam Kar, RM 509,

Teaching assistants: Hrishikesh Terdalkar (hrishirt), Ayushman Singh Sisodiya (ayushmn)

Meeting times: Mondays, Thursdays, 1200 - 1330 hrs

Meeting venue: KD101

Office hours:
Puru: Fridays 1600-1700 hrs
Hrishikesh: Wednesdays 1500-1600 hrs
Ayushman: Wednesdays 1500-1600 hrs

Noteworthy points

  • Prerequisites: The following are formal requirements for obtaining instructor's consent to credit this course

    • Essential: MTH101, MTH102, ESC101, MSO201 (or an equivalent such as CS201).

    • Essential: ability to program in some language

    • Desirable: prior exposure to fields such as machine learning, signal processing, operations research, or decision and control

  • Waiving of prerequisites:

    • The course prerequisites can be waived (for example for PG students who could not have done IITK UG courses).

    • However, a sound background in real analysis, linear algebra, and probability and statistics will still be essential.

  • We will mostly use Matlab and C-based code in the course. Students are encouraged to use the excellent Matlab services generously provided by the institute Computer Center.

  • Students are advised that this course will involve rigorous formal/theoretical analyses of optimization algorithms.

  • Students of this course will have to scribe lecture notes for one lecture in LaTeX. Students are advised to learn typesetting in LaTeX if they do not do so already. Several online resources offer a quick and easy introduction to LaTeX.

  • Want to audit this course? Please check the course policy on audits [here].