CS773: Online Learning and Optimization

Course Details: CS773 (3-0-0-0-9 credits): Online Learning and Optimization

Instructor: Purushottam Kar, RM 509,

Teaching assistants: Vijay Keswani (vijaykes). Vimal Raj Sharma (vimalraj)

Meeting times: Tuesday, Thursday 1700-1830 hrs

Meeting venue: KD102

Office hours:
Puru: Fridays 1600-1700 hrs
Vijay: Wednesdays 1600-1700 hrs
Vimal: Tuesdays 1100-1200 hrs

Noteworthy points

  • A strong foundation in probablity and statistics, linear algebra, and prior exposure to machine learning would be required for this course. Ability to code in at least one language would also be required.

  • Students are advised that this course will involve rigorous formal/theoretical analyses of online algorithms, as well as exploring and attempting to breach the state-of-the art in online machine learning.

  • Students of this course will have to scribe lecture notes for one lecture in LaTeX. Students are advised to learn typesetting in LaTeX if they do not do so already. Several online resources offer a quick and easy introduction to LaTeX.

  • Want to audit this course? Please check the course policy on audits [here].