HPC Reading group
Meeting time: Saturday 11:00 AM

Date Presenter Paper title
Feb 13, 2020 Prashant Efficient data access strategies for Hadoop and Spark on HPC cluster with heterogeneous storage
Nusrat Sharmin Islam; Md. Wasi-ur-Rahman; Xiaoyi Lu; Dhabaleswar K. Panda
2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)
Mar 6, 2020 Lavlesh COMPI: Concolic Testing for MPI Applications
Hongbo Li; Sihuan Li; Zachary Benavides; Zizhong Chen; Rajiv Gupta
2018 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS)
Mar 13, 2020 Madhusmita A hierarchical indexing strategy for optimizing Apache Spark with HDFS to efficiently query big geospatial raster data
Fei Hu, Chaowei Yang, Yongyao Jiang, Yun Li, Weiwei Song, Daniel Q. Duffy, John L. Schnase, Tsengdar Lee
2018 International Journal of Digital Earth
Mar 20, 2020 Muzafar INAM2: InfiniBand Network Analysis and Monitoring with MPI
Hari Subramoni, Albert Mathews Augustine, Mark Arnold, Jonathan Perkins, Xiaoyi Lu, Khaled Hamidouche, Dhabaleswar K. Panda
2016 International Conference on High Performance Computing (ISC)
Mar 27, 2020 Shobhit Using hardware counter-based performance model to diagnose scaling issues of HPC applications
Nan Ding, Shiming Xu, Zhenya Song, Baoquan Zhang, Jingmei Li, Zhigao Zheng
2019 Neural Computing and Applications
Apr 3, 2020 Tushar Topology-aware job mapping
Yiannis Georgiou, Emmanuel Jeannot, Guillaume Mercier, Adele Villiermet
2018 International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications
Apr 10, 2020 Sagnik Chimbuko: A Workflow-Level Scalable Performance Trace Analysis Tool
Christopher Kelly et al.
ISAV'20 In Situ Infrastructures for Enabling Extreme-Scale Analysis and Visualization
Apr 17, 2020 Abir Review of papers on cyclogenesis using ML