Research interests

I am interested in three broad categories of research and development,

  1. Cognitive Science - where I try to mathematically and computationally find invariants in peoples' (and animals') behavior, and see if my theories are correct by running behavioural experiments.
  2. Artificial Intelligence - where I try to bring insights from cognitive science into the design of AI agents that are trying to mimic human behaviour
  3. Solving local problems - where I try to bring whatever technical knowledge and social perspective I have to bear upon solving problems specific to the money-poor culture-rich milieu I live in

I am open to working with PhD students on problems related to the broad themes I've laid out above. The same goes for MTech students. Feel free to drop me a line to set up a meeting if you're interested.

I enthusiastically welcome UG students from all departments, particularly youngsters in the 1st and 2nd years, to work on projects with me. I know very little, and have so far survived in the scientific profession purely through maintaining a state of naive curiosity about how things work. For this reason, I welcome other people with little knowledge and open minds to work with me.