CS688 - Computational Arithmetic-Geometry & Applications (Sem I, 2013-14)


Instructor: Nitin Saxena

TAs: Keerti Choudhary ; Pavan Sharma

Office: Room 212

Email: nitin [at] cse . iitk . ac . in

Lectures: M,Th (9-10am), T (2-3pm) ; CS102

Office Hours: TBA

Other: Please see Below


We want to count the number of roots of an algebraic system (over finite fields). This is a very difficult question in general (eg. #P-hard). However, there are fast algorithms known for special cases. In this course we will focus on the "2-variable" case, i.e. curves. This case already demands significant theory and has an amazing list of applications in computer science. We will cover some important aspects of the theory in a self-contained way, and see as many applications as time permits.

Prerequisites: Theory of Computation, Algebra.

Text Book: Carlos Moreno, Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics)


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