Nagendra Yadav

Nagendra Yadav

Junior Technical Superintendent

Love to develop Websites, Desktop Softwares and Mobile Applications.

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  • @ Department of computer science, IIT Kanpur as Trainee Programmer


  • @ E-lixir Web Solutions as Programmer


  • @ BlueApple Technologies Private Ltd. as Senior Programmer


  • @ Mahindra Satyam, formarly known as Satyam Computers as Senior Software Engineer


  • @ Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd as Senior Systems Analyst


  • @ Department of Computer Science, IIT Kanpur as JTS
    2012-Till Date



  • 1999-2001


  • 2001-2004


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Office: CS-214, Computer Sciene & Engineering Dept. IIT Kanpur - 208016
PH - 0512-259-6722
Residence: H.No. 1012, Type - 1, IIT Kanpur - 208016
PH - 0512-259-5012

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I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

So what do I do when clipboard stops working?

Luckily fixing the issue is pretty straightforward and involves a few simple steps. Load up task manager (right click taskbar and select Task Manager)

  • Go to the Processes Tab
  • Select rdpclip.exe
  • Click End Process
  • Go to the Application Tab
  • Click New Process
  • Type rdpclip
  • Click Ok
  • There, copy and paste should now work normally again.

It happens so often, this process is annoying! What do I do to fix it permanently?

Unfortunately I don't know why rdpclip stops working nor how to fix it permanently; however, there is a way to make it easier if it happens often.

  • Create a new bat file and call it whatever you want say, clipboard.bat.
  • Write the following two commands on separate lines in the new bat file
  • Taskkill.exe /im rdpclip.exe
  • Rdpclip.exe
  • Save the bat file and drag it into the toolbar quick launch section

Now whenever your copy and paste operation fails to restore it, all you need to do is click this new batch file which will kill rdpclip and restart it. Still a workaround but at least it's a quick procedure.