Sponsored and consultancy Projects

  1. ASIC for Electrical Instrumentation processor, IIT Kanpur, Technology Development Mission, Planning Commission (About Rs. 60 Lakhs)
  2. Special Manpower Development Project in the area of VLSI Design with Dr. Aloke Dutta, Electrical Engg., by Ministry of Information Technology (About Rs. 85 lakhs)
  3. Web site for Indian Language Tools, Ministry of Information Technology Under Technology Development for Indian Languages, with Prof. T.V. Prabhakar (About Rs. 14 lakhs)
  4. Development of Linux tools for Indian Languages, Ministry of Information Technology under Technology Development for Indian Languages, (About Rs. 16 lakhs).
  5. Hindi and Nepali Portal Development, Ministry of Information Technology under Technology Development for Indian Languages, (About Rs. 35 lakhs), with Dr. T.V. Prabhakar.
  6. Development of an operating systems for Smart Cards, Ministry of Information Technology, (About Rs. 11 lakhs). With Dr. Deepak Gupta and Dr. Manindra Agrawal.
  7. Software Development for Cockpit Data Recorder (CDR) with HAL Korwa, Phase I and II, A total of Rs. 60000.00 project. The CDR developed through this consultancy was used in the LCA flights.
  8. Cadence Research Centre for High Level System Design. A total of Rs. 35 lakhs was paid towards the student's fellowship in this scheme by Cadence over four years. In addition to this a total of about Rs. 15 lakhs were paid towards the consultancy and running expenses of the CARES. The project was handled by three faculty members including Dr. Deepak Gupta, Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal and myself.
  9. Computer Interactive Voice Response System for UPSEAT 2000 examination. A total of Rs. 60000.00. The software developed for this was used in the UPSEAT examination in 2000 and will be used in later years as well.
  10. Computer Interactive voice Response System for UPMCAT 2000 examination. A total of Rs. 60000.00. The software developed in this project was used in year 2000 examination and will be used in subsequent years as well.
  11. Application processing software for GATE 1999. A total of Rs. 60000.00. The software developed through this was used in GATE examinations of 1999, 2000 and will be used in 2001 for computerized application processing, admit card printing, routine enquiries, score card printing and other applications.
  12. Application processing software for CPMT 2000. A total of Rs. 1.00 lakh. It involved the computerized processing of the applications, admit card printing, handling examination related enquiries from the candidates, grading and result printing, computer interactive voice response system etc.
  13. In addition to these I have been involved in directing the students registered in a Software Engineering course taught by Prof. Pankaj Jalote towards developing the software for the JEE application processing. This software was used in JEE 1999 and JEE 2000. Substantial modifications to these were used in JEE 2001, GATE 1999, GATE 2000 and other examinations.
  14. VLSI course Design and Course ware for VLSI related courses for Control-net India Pvt. Ltd. Goa, Rs. 3.00 Lakhs.
  15. Smart Card Operating Systems and Applications. Several projects worth close to Rs. 90.00 Lakhs. The smart cards are the security devices that implement secure data storage, cryptographic operations without compromising the keys, access control and authentication. I have been involved in the development of the Indian standard for Operating Systems for Smart cards (www.scosta.gov.in) known as SCOSTA. There are two specialized versions of this operating systems once primarily for low cost contact applications while the other one a more comprehensive once suited for low-cost contact applications, contactless applications and a combination of contact and contactless interfaces. Some of the applications that were developed and standardized for the operations in the country include, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, national ID and electronic passport.
  16. Smart Card Devices. A few projects are initiated in this area to define standardized and secure smart card terminals and hand-held devices for use in applications on the field. These devices can be used in applications ranging from police, various authorities and immigrations etc.
  17. RFID applications and technologies. In this area, there are two major projects to use RFID in the postal bag tracking and electronic file tracking. In this projects, we are working on a reader-neutral mechanism to define a middle ware and use it for tracking the tagged files electronically

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