Courses Taught

  1. Advanced Computer Architecture, 1991-92-I Sem. (PG)
  2. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 1991-92-II Sem. (PG)
  3. Introduction to Computer Organization, 1992-93-I Sem.
  4. Introduction to Computer Organization, 1992-93-II Sem.
  5. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 1993-94-I Sem. (PG)
  6. Introduction to Computer Programming, 1993-94-II Sem.
  7. Introduction to Operating Systems, 1995-96-I Sem.
  8. Advanced Computer Architecture, 1995-96-II Sem. (PG)
  9. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 1996-97-I Sem. (PG)
  10. Introduction to Computer Organization, 1996-97-II Sem.
  11. Computer Networks, 1997-98-I Sem. (PG)
  12. Programming Tools and Techniques, 1997-98-I Sem.
  13. Introduction to Computer Organization, 1997-98-II Sem.
  14. Operating Systems, 1998-99-I Sem.
  15. Programming Tools and Techniques, 1998-99-I Sem.
  16. Advanced Computer Architecture, 1998-99-II Sem. (PG)
  17. Operating Systems, 1990-00-I Sem.
  18. Advanced Computer Architecture, 1990-00-II Sem. (PG)
  19. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 1990-00-II Sem. (PG)
  20. Operating Systems, 1999-00 Summer Sem.
  21. Programming Tools and Techniques, 2000-01-I Sem.
  22. Design Methodologies for Embedded System, 2000-01-I Sem. (PG)
  23. Introduction to Computer Organization, 2000-01-II Sem.
  24. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 2001-02-I Sem. (PG)
  25. Introduction to Computer Organization, 2001-02-II Sem.
  26. Design Methodologies for Embedded System, 2004-05-I Sem. (PG)
  27. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures, 2004-05-II Sem. (PG)
  28. Operating Systems, 2005-06-I Sem.
  29. Introduction to Computer Organization, 2005-06-II Sem.
  30. Storage Computing Architecture, 2006-07-I Sem. (PG)
  31. Computer System Security, 2006-07-II Sem. (PG)
  32. Operating Systems, 2007-08-I Sem.
  33. Introduction to Computer Programming, 2007-08-II Sem.
  34. Advanced Computer Architecture, 2008-09-II Sem.
  35. Programming Tools and Techniques, 2008-09-II Sem.
Among these courses, the following courses are developed by myself.
  1. Advanced Computer Architecture (PG)
  2. VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures (PG)
  3. Programming Tools and Techniques (UG Lab course)
  4. Design Methodologies for Embedded System (PG)
  5. Storage Computing Architecture (PG)

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