Professional services

  • Selected conference program committee service: CASES'20, MICRO'19 ERC, CASES'19, ICCD'19, VLSID'19, HPCA'19 ERC, CASES'18, MICRO'18, MICRO'17 ERC, IPDPS'17, MICRO'16 ERC, ISCA'16, IPDPS'16, ASPLOS'16 ERC, HPCA'16, MICRO'15 ERC, IPDPS'15, ASPLOS'15 ERC, HiPC'14, HPCA'11, ICPADS'11, ICPP'10, CF'06.
  • Selected workshop program committee service: APSys'16, MeAOW (with ESWEEK'14), MSPC (with PLDI'14), JILP CRC (with ISCA'10), CMP MSI (with HPCA'10, ISCA'09).
  • Co-organizer of Workshop on Language, Compiler, and Architecture Support for GPGPU (with HPCA'10).
  • Occasional reviewer for contributions submitted to IEEE/ACM journals and conferences.
  • Served as associate editor: IEEE computer architecture letters (08/2013 to 01/2017), ACM computing surveys (06/2010 to 08/2012).

General talks

  • How Not to Get Your Paper Rejected. October 2010. [PPTX]

Fun stuff

  • Wordle generated here using the titles of the articles listed here (till the end of the year 2012).

Academic Genealogy

        Mainak Chaudhuri, Ph.D. 2004, Cornell
        Mark Heinrich, Ph.D. 1998, Stanford
        John Hennessy, Ph.D. 1977, SUNY Stony Brook
        Dick Kieburtz, Ph.D. 1961, U. Washington
        Akira Ishimaru, Ph.D. 1958, U. Washington
        Gedaliah Held, Ph.D. 1954, U.C. Berkeley
        Samuel Silver, Ph.D. 1940, MIT
        John Slater, Ph.D. 1923, Harvard
        Percy Bridgman, Ph.D. 1908, Harvard
        Wallace Sabine, A.M. 1888, Harvard
        John Trowbridge, S.D. 1873, Harvard
        Joseph Lovering, A.B. 1833, Harvard
        Benjamin Peirce, A.B. 1829, Harvard
        Nathaniel Bowditch, M.A. 1802 (Honorary), Harvard

        Acknowledgment: Mark Heinrich