WebPerMoS : A tool for Performace Profiling of Web Sites

This is the tool for monitoring performance (Response Time and Availabilty) of web sites from remote locations. The central node of the system, Reporting Centre(RC), coordinates the activity of the testing where as the Test Delegate, resides on actual end-users' desktop PC, monitors the site at regular interval and sends results to RC. As the tests are conducted from actual end-users' PC, the results given by this tool are close approximation of users' experience at the web site. The Delegate is capable of executing multi-step transactions on the web site, imitating a real-world user interacting with website with forms. The test results are used to generate graphs indicating web site's behaviour over the period of time in different geographical regions. This tool can report response time, availability and throughput of the site.

The source of this tool is available. You can use the tool for any purpose. As with other tools, though we have tried to make it as reliable and as useful as possible, use it at your own risk. No support is provided for this tool.
WebPerMoS for Linux  webpermos.tar.gz
WebPerMoS for Windows  WebPerMoS.zip
Documentation  INSTALL.pdfUserManual.pdf
Other Documentation  M.Tech Thesis of Shashikant Kore (to be put up shortly)
A paper (to be put up shortly)


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