C Coverage Analyzer

In a typical software development process approximately 50% of the total cost is expended in testing the software being developed. Software test coverage analyzers and program analysis are very much helpful in reducing the cost associated with testing and maintenance. The test coverage analyzer and program analysis tools for C work with the source code. For the coverage analyzer, during testing, the instrumented code gives statement coverage, branch coverage, time in testing, newly covered statements in the current test, and a overall summary of the coverage information of the previous test cases. The code analysis tools give various metrics like cyclomatic complexity, halsteads, information-flow, coding style, etc. for the given source code.

The source of these tools is available. You can use the tool for any purpose. As with other tools, though we have tried to make it as reliable and as useful as possible, use it at your own risk. No support is provided for this tool.
C Coverage Analyzer for Linux  ccov1.0.tar.gz
Code analysis tools  tools.tar.gz
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