I am fourth year undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I have interest in application of mathematics to create solutions for real life problems. I am specifically interested in Bayesian Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Cognitive Science. You can visit my projects related to them and also various other projects in the Work Experience section.

About Me

I was born in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, which is a beautiful valley located on bank of Ravi river. I completed my schooling there and then cleared JEE Advanced 2014 which brought me to IIT Kanpur.

I have always loved studying about applications of mathematics, a prime reason for changing my branch to Mathematics and Scientific Computing at IIT Kanpur. I also got selected for the double major program in Computer Science and Engineering. Apart from it, I like Physics and recently I have started to develop interest in Sociology and Cognitive Science.

Also, I have keen interest in social service and social problems of India. I have been involved in some social welfare units of IIT Kanpur and wish to contribute at a larger scale towards solving social problems of India.

I love having discussions on almost anything and specially about social and political issues of the world. My leisure time includes watching psychological and mystery animes. I love listening to rock music and I am a big fan of Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and Porcupine Tree.