Implementation of IPv6 for Linux

Mudigonda Jayaram, Roll Number: 9411116, June, 1996.

The recent strides in networking technology, along with the wide availability of low-cost computing power, resulted in the explosive growth of the Internet. This growth has also opened up possibilities for a wide variety of new applications and services. The current Internet Protocol is not well equipped to handle neither the growth nor the widely varying service requirements of the new applications. So the IETF has standardized the new Internet Protocol IPv6 as the successor of IPv4. We have built a basic IPv6 module in the Linux kernel. This implementation can be used as a testbed for conducting research into various issues related to deployment and performance of IPv6. We have also created an IPv6 backbone for the IIT Kanpur campus network. This backbone allows the deployment of IPv6 in the campus network in an incremental manner.

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