We are looking for the following batchmates

We are trying to maintain a database of all our batchates, that is, people who were admitted to IIT Kanpur in 1982 in BTech or MSc (Integrated) programs, irrespective of their year of graduation. We have a very good hit ratio already, and we know the whereabouts of more than 200 batchmates out of about 220. But not having information of even one person in the batch is not acceptable in this age of communication.

This is even more important as we are having a grand Silver Jubilee Reunion in IIT Kanpur in December 2010. We would want most of the batchmates to come at that time.

With that in mind, I have created a list of people about whom we have no or very little information. In other words, we neither have a working email address, nor a working phone number. I would really appreciate if any one would send me any leads to reconnecting these people. Here is the list:

S. No. Name Roll No. Department Any Info available
1 Anil Kumar Gupta 82017 CE
2 Anil Kumar Sharma 82018 CE
3 Arun Kumar Agarwal 82029 CHE
4 Ashesh Dutta 82035 CE
5 Buddhadeva Das 82051 CHE
6 Dhananjay Kumar Singh 82065 CE
7 Prabhash Chandra Jha 82132 AERO Was in Sydney, Australia
8 Pradeep Bahal 82134 EE
9 Rajeev Agarwal 82151 META
10 Ram Bhawan Sharma 82162 CHE
11 Sateesh Chandra 82207 CE
12 Satyendra Singh 82210 CE
13 Virendra Narayan Sharma 82262 CE
14 Vishwambhar Dayal 82264 CE

Overall, we do not have information about 8 CE, 3 CHE, 1 META, 1 EE, and 1 AERO. .

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You can send me email at: sanghi[AT]gmail.com