Companies Promoted by IIT Kanpur 1982 Admission Batch

Our batch has been doing a lot of things, including promoting companies. Here is a list of companies promoted by our batchmates.

  1. EMS: Education Management Solutions: Leader in Simulation Management Solutions
    Anurag Singh
  2. MobiSante Inc.: Making Ultrasound Imaging Affordable
    Sailesh Shutani
  3. Cygnus Software Pvt Ltd: An IT Development Company
    Ranjan Kumar
  4. Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd: Building a Leading Media Company out of India
    Pramath Raj Sinha
  5. AR Digitech: Offshore CAD Drafting Outsourcing Services from India
    Rajeev Rungta
  6. Moxair Inc.: Enable High-quality Multimedia at Low Power on Mobile Devices
    Ananth Sankar
  7. PortalPlayer Inc: Acquired by NVIDIA
    Sanjeev Kumar

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