Venue: Room RM 101 (presentations) / RM 301 (discussions)
Time: Tue 10-11:50

Rajat Mittal and Nitin Saxena
TAs: Nimisha Agarwal [nimisha@]; Akanksha Gupta [akagupta@]; Garima Gaur [garimag@]; Gopal Viswanathan [gopalv@]; Pranav Bisht [@]

Course Objectives

Improving skills for
  1. learning technical/non-technical communication
  2. technical and non-technical writing
  3. editing your own work
  4. giving presentations
  5. to listen and critique other's presentations

Peer interactions are one of the well-tested mechanisms for learning. Throughout the course, we will work in groups, each group discussing the members' group "mercilessly" to make it more meaningful and interesting for its intended audience.

A. How the groups are formed

We took a diagnostic test on the first class.We evaluated the test, and groups were formed by mixing people with different strengths.

B. Plan for the course

  1. Meet every Tuesday at 10 AM in RM301
  2. We will make groups after first week
  3. Every class, we will give an assignment
    1. Finish the assignment
    2. Discuss it in group
    3. Edit and upload on website

  4. A workshop about communication