Remember that our CA certificate is self signed so you have to be absolutely sure that you get hold of the authentic copy of the CA certificate. Hence we recommend that you install these certificates when you are in the department. This is a once in 10 years process as our certificates is valid for the next 10 years. So please take the trouble to make sure that you are indeed installing the right certificate.


For Firefox it is sufficient to click on the the link, and follow the instructions. Make sure to view the certificate details and verify the fingerprints.


The default file where mutt looks for all the trusted CA's is the file ~/.mutt_certificates. One can set the variable certificate_file in your muttrc to point to the appropriate file.

 set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates

Now download the certificate from the link and copy it to the file pointed by the certificate_file variable.


There is a "click and add procedure". Have a look at

Last modified on 08 April, 2010 (Thursday)