Sabyasachi Roy and Ashwini Kumar: Bachelor's Thesis

Title: Realistic Support For IEEE802.11b MAC in NS

Abstract: The emergence of IEEE802.11b, as a high data-rate MAC standard for wireless LANs, has led to widespread deployment of WLANs and has also influenced areas of both research and industry. A significant impact of the emergence of this protocol was the opening up of research in this area. Network Simulator (NS) is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research, and has emerged over the years as the most popular research tool in networks. IEEE802.11b MAC has been implemented in NS; however the implementation is not quite realistic or complete. In this project, we improve upon the implementation of IEEE802.11b in NS, and also add additional novel features to improve its modeling capabilities. We call the improved Network Simulator as The Enhanced Network Simulator (TeNs).

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