Soekris Throughput Performance Measurements

Bhaskaran Raman 06 Dec 2004

System description

Software used for throughput measurement

Two different kinds of traffic were used: TCP and UDP

Performance Measurements on Ethernet (eth0)

Interface eth0 was used on the soekris net4521. And the built-in ethernet interface (uses the tg3 driver) was used on the laptop.

Performance Measurements on Wireless Atheros-based Card (ath0)

Laptop uses built-in Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 802.11b, and the corresponding linux driver version 0.54. The soekris board uses atheros-based EnGenius/Senao NL-5354 MP PLUS Aries2 in 802.11b mode. It uses the madwifi driver version Since the driver has problems with the ad-hoc mode, the soekris board was used in Master mode (802.11b AP) and the laptop in Managed mode (802.11b client).

Performance Measurements on Wireless Intersil-based Card (wlan0)

Both the laptop and the soekris used the same type of card (Intersil-based SL-2511CD Plus EXT2). We used the HostAP 0.2.4 driver. All measurements were in Ad-Hoc mode. And all measurements are modulo the all-pervasive RF pollution -- hopefully the effect of this would have been minimal since the two cards were in close proximity (5-10cm).

Note: It was quite difficult to get the two cards to be an exclusive ad-hoc network by themselves due to the RF pollution. Probably the driver can be fixed to force the cards into an exclusive ad-hoc network by themselves.

The performance results are here: [sxc] [html]

Discussion and Explanation of Results

Bhaskaran Raman
Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur
Visiting Researcher, Cal-IT2, UCSD
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