CS625 - Advanced Computer Networks
Instructor - Bhaskaran Raman
Lecture 17 - 12th September 2003
Scribe - Udai Singh Meena (Y0361)

Mobile IP (Recap)

This is an open standard to allow user to keep the same IP Address , stay connected and maintain ongoing applications while roaming between IP networks.

Mobile-IP Architecture

Security Issues in Mobile IP
Authentication between Mobile Host and Home Agent
How to avoid the triangular routing

HandOffs is the phenomena of the Mobile Agent moving from one Foreign Agent to another .This have a little latency.Here we can have two possiblities.

Security Association between Mobile Host and the Foreign Host

The security association between the mobile host and foreign should be established when Mobile Host is getting services from Foreign Agent. So that while sending information about a new Foreign Agent the Mobile Host can use this shared key to update the information at the old Foreign Agent.


Multicast means tranmission of a packet to a subset of the hosts in the network.An efficient multicast facility provides packet delivery to groups of hosts at a lower network and host overhead than broadcasting to all hosts or unicasting to each host in a group.
Multicast can be scoped. They can be admin scoped , this means that the adminstrator of the network will decide what a multicast group consist of .They can be number of hop scoped ,here the no of hops in between will decide whether a node will receive a multicast or not.

This brings us to the end of this lecture. Next Lecture will describe Multicast in detail. Please don't forget to read the assigned reading for the same.