Good about CS698E:
The discussions we had in class. It taught me how to look at things critically and do not easily accept whatever is written in the paper.
Great content.
So much of knowledge sharing in every 1.5 hours and way more interesting than normal classrooms. Learning both architecture and OS together along with their interconnection which is normally not taught in a separate OS or arch course. Got to learn new things happening in these areas.
No where do we get the learn how OS and Architecture interact and evolve with each other considering the design and limitations of each other. Also no where do we learn how complex and unpredictable the interactions could be between these two. Even if we need to develop or utilize some feature in any one of these two paradigms I can now say that we can never ever take the other paradigm for granted.
Questioning why a thing is happening, what could be the reason, how it can be improved, for a particular topic gave full understanding of the topics. For CS698E it is the best thing learned- questioning everything.

Bad about CS698E:
We didn't get our reviews checked on time, if we had got the feedback after each submission we could have improved our reviews.
Could have more things than just paper reviews (and projects)
There was no feedback on interim notes and final review on any paper except for TEMPO. The feedbacks could've helped improve our reviewing skills for upcoming papers and for future.
Sometimes the topics could get way complicated and difficult to follow. But i guess the purpose of the course is to venture into the unknown.
Research papers are more from hardware point of view, it would be good if one or two papers from software point of view would be added to the course.

Good about Biswa and Deba:
They are quite approachable and amiable.
Interesting discussions during class, good feedback on presentation
Main sources of knowledge. Always ready to help in our projects. No matter how silly our questions are, they were explained with patience. The professors have showed us how to be critical of one's own work and others work as well which is imperative in both academia and professional setting and even in all walks of life. We are all grateful for the sheer time and energy showed by the professors.
Exploring each idea throughly until all the topic related to that problem are covered.

Bad about Biswa and Deba:
Quite busy in administrative work (oflate).
No feedback on the paper review.

Sometimes not letting the presenter talk.
For the amount of energy and effort you guys put in, we feel we need to put at least as much effort or even more effort in the course! But I guess thats expected.

Any other comments/suggestions/.......
The course was too much focused on memory translation and virtualisation. More diversity would have been better.
Thank you for your dedicated time. We had placed our trust in new profs despite other people being apprehensive about it and I believe we have reaped the benefits. The time and energy you guys have shown to us is unparalleled to any education we can receive at any institution.
Learned how actually things happen in hardware particularly dram, page table walker and caches. Before taking this course there is entirely different picture of how hardware works, after this course we get the totally different and clear picture.