Vegetables App

Vegetables is a learning app for children to learn about the names of the fruits and identify the vegetables.Through this app, the children will learn to identify the vegetable with their spellings, match the spelling with the vegetable and match vegetable with the shape of the vegetable.This app has many different stages, and is available in Hindi and English.

Teaching Tools

This is a good teaching tool for children with special needs because of the various combinations like matching, sorting and grouping principles are used in this app.Children with special needs require direct instruction. Vocabulary is a very important aspect of learning to read. it is very essential to create an association of the words that they use in the daily life and to read those words in print. This association should be shown in the most direct way of showing the object and their spelling in the form of flash cards. Traditionally most of the special educators have actually worked with this concept teaching by presenting the real object and teaching them the names.This app teaches them the names of the vegetables and shows them the picture of the vegetable. Any concept needs to be taught in a sequential way and in a small steps, so that they understand it quite well and use it in their everyday living.Just reading a spelling is a visual skill, but learning them involves all the senses. These children need to see, hear and touch to truly absorb and understand the concept of the word. Hence the spelling activities should be supported with multisensory activities to reinforce the concepts being taught. When the children are taught the how to read the name of the vegetables, they learn the association of the words with the vegetable. And they also eventually learn that the characters on the page are actually words that have meaning and are related to spoken language.In this app the concept of learning the names of the vegetables is given in different combinations.

Levels in the game

Learn Vegetables

In this stage the picture card is given with the name like a flash card. So that they identify the fruit and their name.

Name to Vegetable

In the 2nd stage, practice sessions are given to assess whether the children have actually learnt the names. So pictures of the fruits appear randomly and they have to choose the names of the fruits from a list of options given below.

Vegetable to name

In the 3rd stage, the children have to read the word given first and then choose the appropriate vegetable image to match the vegetable name given.

Vegetable to Vegetable

In the 4th stage, after they learn the concepts through picture cards, the children have to learn to identify the fruits by looking at the picture. So this matching the fruit exercise facilitates them to improve the visual discrimination skills and to identify the fruit correctly.