Sequentern App

This is an app designed for children to learn about the geometric shapes and their names. And the app also stimulates logical thinking and to give practice sessions for patterns and sequences.

Levels in the game

First level

Teaches the names of the shapes in a flash card mode.

Second level

Matching the shape with the appropriate shape. This practice will emphasise the understanding of the shapes and their formations.

Third level

This is a practice session to match the names of the shapes with the actual shape.

4th, 5th & 6th levels

These levels are based on sequencing and patterns, so the shapes are arranged in some logical manner and the user has to make the appropriate choice of shape to fill in the blank provided.

The sequencing of the shapes are given in different complexities in these levels. And along with the patterns in the shapes, the shapes are given in different colours and the user has to apply the logic of colour in the last level.

Beyond naming shapes, geometry tries to improve the student's visual level thinking. They should be able to create shapes or copy by tracing and reproducing the shapes when asked to do. The geometric concepts that they have learnt they should be able to apply that knowledge in observing the shapes of the objects that they use in their daily life.

Educational research has shown that children get ideas about shapes by exploring them, rather than merely passive viewing.