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This game helps the children to learn about differentiating between Upper case and lower case and numbers. The children have to match the lower case alphabets with Upper case alphabets and to match numbers with numbers.They learn to differentiate between small alphabets and capital letters and identify numbers separately. This is a very good activity to improve visual discrimination for children with special needs.

What is visual discrimination?

Visual discrimination is the ability to identify and discriminate between letters, numbers,shapes or other objects. They need to understand and differentiate these things and what they see have different meanings.

One of the steps to teach proper reading and to encourage sight reading habits with children is to introduce the lower case alphabets also. First of all the children have to be taught the association of the capital letters ( upper case ) and the lower case alphabets. Then there are some upper case and lower case letters which looks almost identical except for the size. So those letters can be taught first and then proceed to the other different letters.

Similar letters

C - c ,  F - f,  J - j,  K - k,  M - m,  O - o,  P - p,  S - s,  U - u,  V - v,  W - w,  X - x,  Y - y,  Z - z

Different letters

A - a,  B - b,  D - d,  E - e,  G - g,  H - h,  I - i,  L - l,  N - n,  Q - q,  R - r,  T - t

User's learning from the app

The various dimensions of alphabets, the children will learn by using the App are as follows:

The student will match upper case to lower case letters.

Learn to visually discriminate and sort the alphabets and numbers when given in a random way.

This will also help in improving the matching and sorting of the given stimuli.

This app will help students to notice and remember identifying characteristics of particularly confusing letters.

Special features of the app

This app also records each and every move of the user . Hence it will be much easier to observe the mistakes committed by the user, and especially the problem faced by the user in matching certain alphabets alone.

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