writings: amit mukerjee

too late [02may]
galloping through punctuations [02dec]
denia iridiscence [03jul]
leftbehind [04apr]
aroma of laughter [04aug]
narcissist [04aug]
who will make me mad again [04dec]
devi [05may]
no happy tales tonight [05feb]
keyboard [05sep]
tooth impersonation [05nov]
wine-drunk sea [06jun]
poisoned bloody mary [06jun]

shaak vs. spinach [1991]
paash-baalish [05mar]
durga, the woman [05oct]

translations (bilingual pages):
rabindranAth tagore: bIrpuruSh [07sep]
moushumI bhowmik:
begging for dreams [~ 04sep]

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the unsevered tongue
Nandimukh Samsad, Calcutta
january 2005.   [sample pages]
      (translations from modern bengali women poets)

a short story, "song of the cuckoo bird", appears in:
Stories at the Coffee Table
ed. P. Griffin, M. Lakhe and A. Zaidi
Caferati Creative, Mumbai, 2007


Storytelling Science:
these science columns appeared when Hindustan Times tried out a Science Page in 2004.