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Courses Taught:

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The following course projects are available on-line: ME 768 Artificial Intelligence

Short Courses

1. E-Commerce and the Internet, (sponsored by SIDBI), In conjunction with nensation India, an internet firm from Calcutta, August 20-22, 1999, IIT Kanpur. 2. Entrepreneurship Awareness Workshop, (sponsored by SIDBI). September 12-14, 1997. (co-coordinator: Dr Rahul Varman, IME) 3. Advanced topics in Robotics for College Instructors (w/ Dr B Dasgupta) November 1998.

Internet / Distance Education Resources

Maintainer of the Spatial Reasoning Home Page for the spatial reasoning research community at (Since August 1995). Web Course Notes: Computer-Aided Design, E-Commerce for Small Businesses: An Indian Perspective:

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