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We are looking for ph.d. students in three projects:
a. Linguistic annotation and search in images and video, funded by Samsung R&D
This project envisages generating linguistic descriptions and annotations for large image / video datasets. The project will require the student to work in the area of machine learning, and particularly deep learning methods such as CNN and Long-Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks.

Jointly with Prof. Vinay Namboodiri.

b. Spatial Navigation and Cognitive Map learning - project with University of Melbourne.

Navigation in indoor and outdoor spaces, building cognitive map like structures from sensory data, generating descriptions to guide others. Will involve machine learning techniques for dimensionality reduction, Vision and Language integration for route description generation, etc.

In collaboration with Prof. Stephan Winter

c. Visual vehicle driving, funded by Center for AI and Robotics
Detecting anomalous events from an autonomously driven car, and also construct a summary of the scenes. Will involve action modeling via a probabilistic topic model and also action recognition using CNN / RNN. see [this WACV-15 paper]

Joint work with Prof. K.S. Venkaesh



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Update: Oct 2009