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  1. spatBIB: Spatial, AI, CAD, Robotics (2512 entries) [2.3Mb]
  2. spatBIB.DYN: Dynamics, Control (325 entries) [94Kb]
  3. IJCAI-95 Tutorial Bibliography + Daniel Hernández (590 entries) [176Kb]
  4. C.Freksa/C.Habel's Spacegarden Bibliography, 1990 (675 entries) [288Kb]
  5. Jan Wolter's Assembly Planning Bibliography (234 entries) [85Kb]
  6. Stephen Hirtle's Cognitive/GIS Bibliography, 1991 (331 entries) [62Kb]
  7. John Snyder's Map Projection Bibliography, 1994 (2765 entries) [528Kb]
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A mirror for this bibliography collection + search tools may be found at the Home page for Spatio-Temporal Reasoning maintained by Hans Guesguen. Also check out the Spatial Reasoning Resources Page for related resources on the Web.


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