Artificial Intelligence CS 665 (Previously taught as ME 768/468)

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This course focuses on participatory models of AI as opposed to earlier cerebral models that placed more emphasis on abstract reasoning and assumed that sensory interpretation would follow. The participatory model emphasizes sensory interaction, real time response, and learning by different modes of state upgradation.

The course has a significant project component. Projects are identified within the first four weeks and all documentation regarding the projects are created as web pages so that the entire class can benefit from these. Often, one learns more by seeing what the next person is doing than from reading a book. The final project reports are also on the web and are posted to the internet (see below).

The course will loosely follow the book "AI: A Modern Approach", by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. Additional excerpts from several sources will constitute a course file, costing about Rs. 185. The material is however, oriented differently than in traditional AI courses; focusing on sensing methodologies before reasoning. Thus, we will cover Computer Vision and sensing before we do Predicate Logic and Search. You can check out the first vision assignment and some solutions.

Instruction in the course follows a eight-week full lecture regimen, followed by a series of half-lectures, where the other half is devoted to in-class project presentations by the different project groups.

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