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Audio Player's Cassette Deck Mechanism

In the audio realm, cassette player is the most widely used device.Few people may ever realise that the deck mechanism (metal cage in which cassette is inserted) is the most beautifully designed part of a player.Although in the industry audio cassette player is popularly known as an electronic device but without a deck mechanism,no music is possible. Have you ever looked at the intricacies of it ? It is a very compact and effective design which helps us to play,rewind,fast-forward and record onto a cassette.The driving force in a cassette deck is its DC motor(It is generally 12V DC).Here in this web page we are trying to show how various mechanisms in a cassette player work. We hope you will find this page useful.

Prepared By :

Manish Kr. Mishra
Mitul Saha
Adarsh Garg

3rd year B-tech( mechanical) students at iit kanpur
Pages prepared as part of the course ME 371 Hands-On lab in July-Dec 1999. Instructors: Amitabha Mukerjee and M.K. Muju. You should be going to a new window. Click here if this does not happen.