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nATak samagra

Bratya Basu

Basu, Bratya  [wiki](ব্রাত্য বসু); Sunil Gangopadhyay (intro);

nATak samagra

Ananda Publishers, 2004

ISBN 9788177564327

topics: |  drama | bengali | single-author


  prekShApaT (intro) : Sunil Gangopadhyay
  ashAlIn                   অশালীন             1
	honesty in social contact; an eccentric youth, otherwise
	well-educated, uses obscenities and "direct" language to give space
	for communication.

  araNyadeb                 অরণ্যদেব           51
	a futuristic play set in a female-dominated 3099

  mukhomukhi basibAr        মুখোমুখি বসিবার    93
      a story of failed relationships

  chatuShkoN                চতুষ্কোণ           133
	a play on "values" in modern society;
	plot: scheming wife tries to get husband murdered by lover

  shahar iyAr               শহর ইয়ার         169
  bhAirAs em (virus M)      ভাইরাস এম্‌        199
  winkle-twinkle            উইঙ্কল্‌ টুইঙ্কল্‌        241
  mrityu Ishwar JounatA     মৃত্যু ঈশ্বর যৌনতা   283
  babli                     বাবলি            301


   একটানা কাউকে ভালবাসা যায় নাকি? একটু রাগ থাকবে না,
   তেতো অপছন্দের কুচি থাকবে না, ঘেন্না থাকবে না,
   শুধুমাত্র ভাল বাসাবাসি থাকবে এ ধরনের কোনও সম্পর্কে
   আমি বিশ্বাস করি না রীণা - scene 3 p.35

   কেননা আমরা সবাই নিঃসন্দেহে ভয়ংকর অনিবার্যতায় এক
   একটি মানুষের বাচ্চা বলে  - scene 4 refrain p.49

mukhomukhi basibAr মুখোমুখি বসিবার

all the characters in this story of failed relationships have
relationship problems.
teesta, a divorcee schoolteacher, likes her new colleague sandIp, who
      is soon madly in love with her.  she is slow in reciprocating, since
      she's not sure she wants to go through the pain of another
      relationship.  in her last marriage, her husband summarily kicked her
      out of their house; she has not seen her son pupul since then.  the
      romance blossoms through a series of letters exchanged with sandeep.
      but sandIp is a poetic soul, intensely jealous of her feelings for
      her son, and their togetherness does not last.

other stories of failed relationships include her brother dipankar,
      who had a fiancee before he got involved in the naxalite movement, and
      a female colleague and friend, bananI, a sad story in whose
      past is hinted at..

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