What Babblers think of the Cat

One day I woke up and was taking a stroll around my garden around six AM when I heard this huge commotion on a low mango tree. Approaching, I was surprised to find this cat peeping at me from crook on the tree:

The babblers were all over the branches, bodies tensed up, and hurling abuse at the cat:

The cat had probably come there late at night, and may be she was simply trying to doze:

But the babblers were relentless, they covered the branches all around and were making a holy racket. Here you can see three babblers on a branch, and you can also see a bit of the cat where it is lying helplessly at the bottom-left of the picture. The leading babbler would seem to be almost within striking range! By taking such risks, these individuals build up their status in the Babbler social hierarchy.

Some were even standing up in their animated frenzy:

Eventually of course, the cat realized how unpopular it was in this mohalla, and jumped down neatly and left, with some of the babblers flying above it, screeching and spreading their noisy alarm into neighbouring babbler groups.

Sometimes one can even pity the cat! By the way, you can find more cat, dog, and squirrel images here.