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Association for Computing Activties

Association for Computing Activities (ACA) is the Computer Science society of IIT Kanpur.

Our Aims

  • To spread knowledge about Computer Science and technology.
  • To encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular engineering projects.
  • To provide computing resources and guidance to students.
  • To promote student-student and student-teacher interaction.

ACA organizes departmental activities right from freshers' to farewell in addition to several programming competitions and lectures.

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ACA Summer School Registration started!

ACA summer school is back. This time it is is being organized in association with QIP India. So hurry up for the registrations.
Click Here to go to summer school's home page.
Limited seats.
Last date for registration: 8th May

Getting Started with the Sport of Programming

Blog by Triveni Mahatha and Abhilash Kumar

Online Judge

Participate in programming contests, Domjudge

ESc101 Programming Gym

Shape your programming skills at ONJ


Upcoming/Latest events

Past Events

  • Freshers to Y12 batch of CSE
  • Yahoo! HackU from 23 Aug to 26 Aug
  • ACA summer school
  • Farewell to passing out batch of 2012
  • Cycling trip in a beautiful and serene environment upto "Shoban Mandir", approx. 19km from campus.
  • Semester Projects given to CSE students of first year (batch Y11)
  • A workshop on mobile development on windows 7 phone platform.
  • A discussion and training camp for programming competitions like ACM-ICPC etc.
  • Freshers to the incoming Y11 batch of CSE.
  • Yahoo! HackU organised from 18th to 21st August.
  • Summer workshop on Data strucutres, python and web proramming in Summer 2011.
  • A 24-hr app-deployement event "Code-A-Thon" was organised in April 2011.
  • We had Departmental Trip to Rishikesh in March 2011.
  • We had a Technical Talk on Cloud Computing by Google Hyderabad which witnessed an attendance of over 150 students.
  • ACA conducted the voting for Best Faculty. Students from the graduating batch participating in the decision process.
  • Departmental T-shirt was launched.

Pankaj Jalote Best Faculty Award

Dr. Pankaj Jalote has instituted the CSE Best Teacher Award. The award includes a plaque given to the Professor. An appropriate citation written by the graduating batch is read out in praise of the professor selected for the award. The awardee is elected by the graduating BTech, MTech, and dual-degree students.

Dr. Pankaj Jalote is a former faculty member of the Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur. He has authored several well-known books on software engineering and fault tolerance. He is on the Board of Advisors of many software companies in India and USA, is a Technical Advisory Board member for Microsoft Research, India, and is on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and International Journal of Emperical Software Engineering.

His research interest is in software engineering (software quality, software process improvement, software architecture analysis), and fault tolerant systems and reliability.

Winner for 2016-17

    Dr. Surender Baswana

Past Winners

  • 2015-16: Dr. Sumit Ganguly
  • 2014-15: Dr. Surender Baswana
  • 2013-14: Dr. Satyadev Nandakumar
  • 2012-13: Dr. Surender Baswana
  • 2011-12: Dr. Surender Baswana
  • 2010-11: Dr. Surender Baswana
  • 2009-10: Dr. Surender Baswana
  • 2008-09: Dr. Manindra Agrawal
  • 2007-08: Dr. Rajat Moona
  • 2003-04: Dr. Deepak Gupta & Dr. Rajat Moona
  • 2002-03: Dr. Manindra Agrawal
  • 2001-02: Dr. Harish Karnick
  • 2000-01: Dr. Sumit Ganguly

League of Programmers

Getting Started with the Sport of Programming

Problem Classifier

  • Problem Classifier -I
  • Problem Classifier - II
  • For any problem click on "Best Solutions", it shows the number of users who have successfully solved it. This is a good way to decide how easy or tough a problem is, unless it is a very recently added one.

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