IIT Kanpur was one of the first institutes to offer degrees in computer science and engineering. If you want to explore the cutting edge of knowledge, doing a post graduate degree from IIT Kanpur is one of the best options. Here is why:

Flexible course structure

The department offers a wide variety of courses related to computer science and engineering and students are encouraged to take up open problems as their course projects, many students publish excellent research papers by solving these problems as their course projects. While the courses offered in systems engineering cover various design methodologies at conceptual level, the assignments include the programming aspects of these methodologies. Some of the highlights of the course structure are:

Good research environment

The department provides an excellent research platform and challenges the student’s potential to solve tough problems. In addition to institution facilities like the 2 GBPS Internet connection, CSE department provides additional facilities. Some of the highlights of our research environment are:

Excellent job opportunity

Vibrant student life

There are 11 students’ hostels, each equipped with its own canteen, TV room, reading room, sports facilities like table tennis, carrom, badminton, basketball. There are various clubs at the institute level, e.g. music, dance, various sports. With a unique collection of cultural, sports, business and technical festivals, IITK offers a fulfilling and entertaining stay complementing the world of academics and making it the memorable years of your student life